TSP: Transit Sustainability Project

Client: Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

The Transit Sustainability Project was a major regional effort to conduct a systematic assessment of the 28 transit operators in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a particular focus on future cost-containment and strategies to make services more customer-oriented.  Multiple consulting teams were engaged to develop recommendations for financial, service, and institutional strategies, and to provide technical assistance to local agencies.  Transportation Analytics provided services on three separate consulting contracts.  First, Ms. Dorinson collaborated with Cambridge Systematics on the development and roll-out of their Transit Competitiveness Index tool.  This web-based application helps planners understand the demand factors that influence travel in local and regional origin-destination markets.  Ms. Dorinson provided all of the user training and support for the tool and developed the final report documenting its key capabilities.  With Parsons Brinckerhoff, Ms. Dorinson helped research institutional best practices at peer transit agencies.  In particular, she highlighted innovative mechanisms to foster collaboration between transit agencies in ways that leverage peer experience and help to reduce costs.  Finally, with Transportation Management & Design, Inc., Ms. Dorinson supported the Transportation Authority of Marin in assessing the potential risks and benefits of potential changes in the structure of transit service delivery in Marin County.  She evaluated the provision of customer service functions and helped research available vehicle fleets.