Caltrain Funding Plan

Client: Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG)

Caltrain is one of many transit operators in the Bay Area that continues to experience budget strain because of the instability of State and local funding sources.  Its present sustainability challenge is particularly acute due to its reliance on voluntary pass-through contributions from three other local operators, who are themselves grappling with unprecedented deficits.  A permanent source of dedicated funding for Caltrain must be found if this valuable and otherwise successful transportation service is to continue.

SVLG is a policy advocacy organization that has long championed improved public transit in the Silicon Valley area to support economic growth and quality of life in the region.  They launched a ‘Save Caltrain’ campaign to address the multiple areas that impact Caltrain’s financial health, and they requested support from a number of industry experts, including Transportation Analytics and our lead on this project, Nancy Whelan Consulting.  Our team analyzed over 20 potential funding sources to determine which options are most suitable in terms of factors such as technical feasibility, economic efficiency, and revenue yield.