About us

Transportation Analytics facilitates the long term planning & development of urban transportation systems and services by providing capital planning and programming support; alternatives analysis; and program & policy evaluation.  Our client work typically includes financial modeling, performance measurement, and scenario assessment to support the design of feasible and practical implementation plans for sustainable transportation.  We strive to provide the studies and analysis that help senior decision-makers invest in the future with confidence.

Our approach is to utilize modeling and scenario analysis as a collaborative tool with clients, enabling full evaluation of the costs and benefits of different alternatives in the context of explicit assumptions and trade-offs.  By exploring the interaction between the transportation service offering, the day to day operational environment, and the market forces that affect supply & demand, our clients are able to create more flexible and sustainable transportation services.

Founded in May, 2006 by Diana M. Dorinson, Transportation Analytics is a woman-owned sole proprietorship based in Oakland, California and is DBE-certified under the California Unified Certification Program.