Diana M. Dorinson

Founder & Principal

Ms. Dorinson has over 17 years of experience in the transportation industry.  Her career has been focused on the financial and strategic analysis of capital investments, innovative programs, and policy decisions in the transportation sector.  She is well-known for objective analysis, thorough methodologies and attention to detail.

She has applied her functional skills in financial modeling, data analysis, benchmarking & performance metrics, and operations strategy to projects ranging from major investment studies and capital planning to pricing strategy and product development.  She has also conducted policy analysis and facilitated internal and external performance measurement efforts.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Ms. Dorinson began her career in the Airport Management Consulting group at Booz-Allen Hamilton.  She later worked with major transportation providers including Continental Airlines and Pacer International, Inc.  She has also conducted independent research for a number of private consortia, non-profit organizations, and public agencies.